Among his many clients, Keith has served a number of well-known authors in his long publishing career. Here are a few of the authors he has worked with.

T.D. Jakes
“You have played a major part in encouraging me. I always trusted your motives to be pure…I have always thought that you were a person of integrity.”
Jackie Kendall
Jackie Kendallauthor of LADY IN WAITING
“Because of your wisdom, experience and sensitivity, I am now a published author. Without your expert counsel, the negotiations would never have gone so smoothly.”
Dannie Hood
Dannie Hoodauthor of THE DESPERATION ZONE
“Keith has been a great encouragement to me. His wisdom has helped make me a better author.”
Dr. Wanda Turner
Dr. Wanda Turnerauthor of SEX TRAPS
“Not only a delight to work with…he recommended changes that benefited both the author and publisher. He was a visionary and could see ‘the end from the beginning.’ That was so important to me as a new author.”
Sandra Querin
Sandra Querinauthor of THE PRAYER OF JOB
“Keith Carrol has been a compass in my writing. I know that he’s an encourager and we all need that from a coach. But, it wasn’t encouragement that I needed; it was his insightful focus!”

Here are endorsements from some of Keith’s other author clients…

“I appreciate the way God employed you in His service to help answer my prayer. Your timing, expertise and willingness were beyond my expectations.” —Hedda S.

“…I was extremely impressed by your company, its standards, the quality of services offered and the overall spirit of professionalism, helpful insight, and excellence consistently portrayed each time we talked. Your services have been second to none!” —Rev. Brent E.

“I am so favored by God to have Keith Carroll in my life—you are a wonderful counselor and teacher. I cannot ever thank the Lord and you enough for all you have done…. Without you being a bridge, none of this would have been possible. The dream became reality largely through your efforts. Praise God for you, bro!” —Dennis C.

“Thank you for the encouragement…. Your insight and encouragement really provokes me as a writer and kindles my passion to continue and improve my writing skills.” —Jim M.

“Embarking upon a writing career can be a daunting process, with many obstructions and pitfalls along the way. I would not have managed to achieve the completed manuscript I now have without your very capable assistance. I thank you for your commitment and dedication to excellence. Yo ur suggestions and input have been major contributors in my success as a writer.” —Dr. Joyce A.

“I greatly appreciate the support I always receive from my agent, Keith Carroll, who is my author coach and reinforces the importance of mentors in our lives.” —Mary B.

“…Keith provided perceptive suggestions and guidance so my seedling of a manuscript could become a full-fledged book. Keith told me exactly what I needed to hear but did so in a gentle and caring way. His demeanor and very real compassion are perfect complements to his literary vision and expertise…. He has the perfect temperament and vision for working with aspiring writers.” —Gentry S.

“I am also VERY grateful to you…. You have been accepting and gracious, not trying to mold me into someone’s narrow box, and not trying to make me into the ‘lowest common denominator’ among the Christian readership.” —Jill S.

“Keith, thank you, again, for your wisdom, patience and advice. Your direction for the book was impeccable! Its presentation is far superior since our time together. Thank you a million times!” —Alexis W.

“The Lord has provided every step of the way for the publishing of my book. Your guidance, advice and wisdom have been a big part of getting it into the hands of the right publisher. Thank you for everything.” —Elizabeth T.

“Your insightful work in identifying important critique and edit areas is a gift, one that I have personally been a beneficiary of, and something you use with great creativity and flair…. My writing is better because it has some of your fingerprints on it, and a bit of your seasoned editing sprinkled in. I really thank you again for your example of highly gifted and unselfish service.” —Daniel G.

“Thank you for your wonderful literary coaching and guidance. God has gifted you with wisdom and helpful instruction…for authors such as me.” —Scott B.

“Thanks for all your help in making this work a reality. Your knowledge and insight is what it took to turn a hodgepodge of words and phrases into a coherent work.” —Jason M.


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