Is your material ready for publication? Will Keith work with you as a client? Keith’s not your typical literary agent. When you submit your material to him, you receive more than a “yes” or “no” response. Keith will personally invest his time to review your material, give you helpful feedback and explain the “ins and outs” of the publishing world, as it relates to your material. He will help you understand how to write a better manuscript or simply tweak the material you already have into a more attractive package. Your material must appeal to readers before it will appeal to publishers. Keith uses a  three-step process when considering new clients.


You are invited to call Keith for a free, no obligation, 5 to 10 minute introductory conversation. During this chat you’ll begin to get a feel for each other and sense if you can work together.

When you decide to submit your material for review, Keith acknowledges receipt by email and places your material into his reading schedule. When he examines your material, he looks for readability, content flow, speed bumps, concept clarity, the three dynamics of a great book, and marketability. Keith is usually able to review your material within four weeks.

Together you’ll schedule a convenient time for a personal consultation. During the two-hour call, Keith will ask clarifying questions in an effort to understand your heart concerning your material. He will also share his insights and discuss recommendations. By the end of the call Keith will know if he can effectively represent you and your material. If you decide to proceed toward publication, Keith will map out a strategy to prepare your manuscript for publication. This call is recorded and you will receive a digital download of the session.


Keith has the expertise to guide you toward your goal of becoming a published author, and if you’re already published, to the next level of your writing ministry. Here is a sample of services I provide:

  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript
  • Develop a plan to improve the publishability of your material
  • Identify your primary audience
  • Show you how to better target your audience
  • Guide you if you don’t have a completed manuscript
  • Assist you if you need rewriting or ghostwriting
  • Help prepare your material for submission
  • Present your polished manuscript to interested publishers
  • Help you evaluate the merits of a publishing contract
  • Represent your best interests in contract negotiations
  • Offer follow-up advice for launching your book promotion
  • Provide ongoing advice for your writing ministry

As the initial consultation call is concluded, together you will decide if Keith will represent you as a literary agent. As your agent, he will provide coaching during  any rewrite or refinement that you and Keith agree is appropriate. You want your material to be as dynamic as possible and he will work with you to improve its publishing potential. When your manuscript is ready, Keith will submit it to appropriate publishers for consideration and represent your interests in contract negotiations. Should you receive a contract from a source not generated by his submission activity, he will advise you on its merits and if appropriate, handle further negotiations on your behalf.

Agent fees are generally between fifteen and twenty percent of what the author receives from the publisher, which includes advances and royalty payments. Keith’s agent fee is lower than the industry norm: ten percent of what you receive. This applies to any publishing contract you accept once you agree Keith is your agent. Once your book is published, Keith continues to assist your efforts to find and stir market responses to the message you bring, adding insight toward improving the effectiveness of your speaking engagements, and promotional activities.