These articles answer many important questions that authors ask. Even more beneficial to your future as an author is information Keith will share with you when you decide to work with him as an agent. Keith will answer questions such as:

  • What criteria are used to determine if your book is publishable—and does your material meet that criteria?
  • When publishers consider your manuscript, what are they really looking for—and how does your material measure up?
  • What are publishers really saying when they turn down your manuscript? Keith will help you avoid this pitfall.



According to a survey of published and aspiring authors, conducted by Writer’s Digest and Digital Book World, 55% of authors feel they would benefit from the services of a literary agent. Authors in this survey say the number one reason for becoming a published author is to build their career as a writer. Other reasons include satisfying a lifelong ambition and writing something that people are willing to buy. Only 12% said their main reason for being published is to make money from their writing.


According to this same survey, successful authors tend to be more involved with social media and blogging to promote their writing and books. Industry professionals, in commenting on this survey, say a publishable author today should be active in social media and blogging, have an established platform, and be willing to engage in self-promotion. If an author isn’t active in the promotion process, traditional publishers will shy away from them. Click for more information on the DBW survey.