Anatomy of a Bestseller

What does it take to produce a best-seller? Answer: Every author hopes their book will become a bestseller. It’s a lofty goal that has positive implications. If a writer is enthusiastic about their message, they will promote it with great enthusiasm. Before I address what makes a bestseller, I need to define the term. According to industry standards, a non-fiction book is considered a bestseller when it reaches 5000 copies sold (7500 for fiction [...]

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Great Expectations & the Reality

Here are some of the most common questions I get from prospective authors: Will I find my new book on the store shelf? Most new titles do not find bookstore shelf space because there is not enough space in the stores to go around. The major houses alone publish several thousand more new titles each year than the stores can display. The large houses are also reporting that of the few books they put [...]

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Tips for Marketing Your Book

I always advise authors to get involved in marketing their book. It's never too early to begin promoting it with enthusiasm. Here are my top seven tips for promoting your book: 1. It is extremely important that you devote much of your time and energy over the next two years to developing a market for your book. If your book develops a large enough market response, it could become a stable bookstore book and [...]

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